Overnight Pet Boarding

 Park City Pet Resort offers boarding for your pet/s 7 days a week! Drop off & pick up begin in the morning 

 7:30 AM and continues until 5:30 PM

o We have inside and outside play areas for your pets to use depending on the weather! We focus on grouping pets together and matching each other’s temperament, size and energy level. We want your pets to feel comfortable and advocated for if needed throughout their stay.  

o All groups are supervised with a trained staff member. We interact with all the pets with fetch or cuddles! We take caution with socialization to make sure all pets are comfortable and safe while they play or get fresh air! We have pools and unlimited tennis balls for a fun filled summer! There is plenty of room for your pets to relax and play regardless of their hobbies.  

o Our resort includes complimentary photo services, orthopedic dog bed/cots, background music and play time in the outdoor play area completely covered in synthetic turf. Our facility is climate controlled to keep your pet at a good temperature.  

o All pets have fresh water daily and clean kennels and bedding. We have kennels that are large enough for pet/s to move around comfortably to eat or walk around. We ask that you provide your own food to keep your pet/s on the food they are used to. 

o We are able to provide individual care to your dog’s specific needs during their stay i.e. meds, lunch, one-on-one play, treats, adding wet food, or sleeping in their own crate or feed pets separate. We want to make sure your pet is as close to their normal as possible. We are not able to provide medication to pets after hours. Please speak to someone when you check in for the details!

Kennel Sizes:

** 4’x10’ (40 Square Feet) Suite - Single Kennel

** 4'x12' (48 Square Feet) Suite - Dual/Family Kennel 

** Senior Room (this is only for small/medium crate trained older pups. They roam in the senior room throughout the day and then are crated at night time and feedings.) 


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  • "I would never board my cat anywhere else! My cat is a Bengal who definitely has special needs. Dave and the team spoiled him absolutely rotten during his lengthy stay with them when we went on vacation. I had never boarded him in his life (he's 12), so I was nervous. The team took such great care of him, I simply couldn't believe how relaxed he was when I came to get him! Thanks for all you do!"
  • "My dog Charlie has been boarded twice for 5 days each time at the resort. We have been very happy with the service. He seems healthy and happy when we pick him up. The facility is very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the resort."